Thursday, 3 February 2011

'Parade' Short story cover

I was drawn to the overwhelming feeling that the authenticity of Dia's culture was in jeopardy. The story describes the beauty of the land, how the sun glistens on the creek so I used red water with the taiaha (traditional spear) shooting directly through it to represent how her traditional celebrations have been disturbed by the feeling that the sole purpose of the parade is to amuse onlookers. I used other signifiers such as the empty desolate bottles with the fly coming out to enhance the feeling of emptiness. The typography I have used for the the title 'Parade' is presented as letter bunting as you would see in a parade and the weathered aesthetic again enforces the feeling of being used.


  1. I would definitely pick that up if I saw it on a bookshelf... If only I could read good (sigh)

  2. ah thanks! thats nice :) haha yeahhhhh but i just buy books because i like the covers, picture books thats what its all about!